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This adventure started in 1996, when I bought my first Newfoundland, Sheila was her name and as usually happens I was deceived. That fact and the fantastic Sheila's temperament made me keep going on this adventure, as is often said... "what doesnt kill you, make you stronger".

In spite of all the problems and difficulties that I have found in Newfoundland's world, this path continues to be worthwhile because of what this breed can bring to you in return and all the friends I made in newfie's world. I must mention some of them... first Milena and Oreste Poloni that opened their home doors and also the ones of the newfie's world in a gesture of true friendship *Grazie Dittatora :)*. Patricia and Paolo for being the best owners that a breeder can find, they believed in my work and showed it proudly all over Europe. Gabi and Béla Siklozi for all the support they gave to me, as well as Gábor who is one of the wisest persons about dog issues. Roberto Dalle Molle, a simple person who in a very pleasent way welcomed me in his house. Paulo Moreira, a friend that I can count on and a person with whom I share many of the experiences of the newfies. Manuela Schulz, Toni Jussen and Manuela Streicher for all the support they gave me on my last big adventure outside of Portugal and the friendly and happy way they recieved me in their home. The last but not the least, to you Sofia my big love, who support me with all your love in this craziness and with whom I want to share so much.

I encourage all the interested people in this breed to find out more about it so they can live an adventure at least as good as mine.

Pedro Faustino




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Created by Sofia Cravo

Last updated: 13-06-2013